Make the Most of Sandhills Living

Whether you were lucky enough to be born here or smart enough to move to this Eden in the Pines, we want to deliver to you all the information you need to make your life here in the Sandhills as fulfilling as ­possible. 

Over these past seven years, our goal for the Sandhills Guide has been to ­gather all the information you need about living in this area and present it to you in an attractive and easy-to-read format. We hope you like the results.

At The Pilot, we often receive phone calls from folks asking every conceivable ­question about life here in Moore County and environs. We happily answer as many of them as we can. That’s because we ­consider ourselves the most reliable source for information about this special place that we all are so fortunate to call home.

You can find many of the answers to those ­frequently asked questions every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday in the pages of The Pilot, your national award-winning ­hometown ­newspaper — and every day on our Web site, ­thepilot.com. In your hands, you are ­holding our attempt to put as many of those bits and pieces as we can into one handy reference book — a compendium of local lore and data that you can use all year long.

In hopes of continuing to improve, we’ve added a few new features to this year’s book. By popular demand, we’ve added church listings, a nonprofit section and a dining guide.

No matter if you’re puzzling over where to take your aluminum cans for recycling or trying to decide which golf course to tackle next, we hope you’ll find the answer here. If not, give us a call. We’ll find it for you — and include it in next year’s Guide.

As always, thanks for choosing us as your source of information.